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Well, what could you really do? Common sense really—-either suggest that they pick up after themselves or hire a maid. My best advice is to teach them how you organize yourself and perhaps it’ll catch on. Usually, people are “slobs” because they lack organization and order. Show them the way with an Ikea catalogue and a label maker!
Maria Avgitidis, in Betty Confidential’s Expert Panel Question: It’s The Clean Freak vs The Slob: Who Wins in the Relationship? 
  • 16th December
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Timeline? Oh, playa, you’re screwed.

I updated my Facebook layout to Timeline format. After rummaging about, I realized some pretty darn impressive features. Most notably, the “Life Event” feature. Holy crap! 

Under the Life Event tab, which is conveniently placed right above the status bar, the user can select a variety of things that would be characterized as milestones: college graduation, new job, the pending birth of your spawn, which will undoubtably fill my newsfeed with weird blurry images of your sonogram. There’s even other milestones one could select that we sometimes forget are milestones like weight loss,  the purchase of a new vehicle, and moving/buying a home. These seem to be more long-term oriented goals, which definitely deserves the seal of milestone approval. 

Then, of course, there is the family and relationships tab. If Facebook invented anything, it invented “the talk”: Are we Facebook official? That’s how you know it’s serious. I have spoken before on the dangers and pitfalls of being in a relationship with someone you are dating or married to on Facebook. And Timeline is only going to reiterate this point for me. Look! Danger! Oh, playa, you’re screwed.

Guess what? Facebook JUST invented the break up. It wasn’t enough to go back to single status again. Timeline gives you the opportunity to state when the break up took place. Just select “End of a relationship…” and it’s official. Your relationship is no longer official. 

Do not get me wrong. I really, really like Timeline. Way to go Zuckerberg. Yay! Finally, my narcissistic self can point to something online and say- “Look, there. This is my digital life on Facebook since 2006.” You can actually read things I wrote, commented on, photos I posted, and how many times I played Texas Hold ‘Em poker back in 2008 when apps on your FB page were still colorful and visible. 

But Timeline is a grenade. No. It’s a minefield. And that person you’re probably dating or perhaps even married to, to which you hid your entire Facebook commentating/ stalking history from because you figured it was all buried away under years worth of activity, has access to this history. It’s probably not even bad history, but it is a history. It’s your past relationship history. And no matter how much one can claim that they aren’t the jealous type, we all have the capability to wince, question, and subsequently affect the current relationship we are in. Why? Because we are human and curious by nature. 

So if you’re not willing to take my advice and block your significant other, at least limit your timeline to them (and vice versa) for the sake of your relationship. 

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