• 27th March
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5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women

"It’s like that for most men, most of the time. We’re starving, and all women are various types of food. Only instead of food, it’s sex. And we’re trying to conduct our everyday business around the fact that we’re trying to renew our driver’s license with a talking pair of boobs. So, from about age 13 on, around 90 percent of our energy and discipline is devoted to overcoming this, to behave like civilized human beings and not like stray dogs in a meat market. One where instead of eating the meat, they want to hump it." (Read more…)

Well… this is completely discouraging to the entire female race. I honestly only hope each man is given the gift of a daughter one day and snap out of it. 

  • 28th February
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