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Dating in NY? She heads home first.

All things considered, including a man absolutely hating on his date for the evening, when it comes to the departure, a gentleman (or a boy with half a brain) first makes sure his date gets into her cab before he bounces into his respective subway, at the very least. 

My personal rule of thumb is that the man actually get into the cab with his date, drop her off, and then head home. OR pay for his date’s cab home. OR walk his date home if the location is convenient. But at the very least… put her into the cab first before you head home!

Do NOT hug her awkwardly outside of your subway station and bid her addieu before she’s even had a chance to flag down a car. Men of New York, this is rude behavior, and I honestly wonder what your mother would say if she knew you treated women this way. 

It doesn’t really matter if there is no chemistry. If you lived in any other city or town in America, you would have probably picked her up with your car and drove her home after. Just because you have a MetroCard in your pocket doesn’t mean that chivalry goes out the window. 

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Are NYC Women Becoming Damaged Goods?

They say New York City women are neurotic. Maybe they are. But NYC men tend to be douchebags and frankly, New York women have become exhausted.

In NYC, women have been conditioned to expect an anxious filled courtship and the high possibility of flakiness. Not to say that NYC women are not flaky, but gee… do the men here take the medal. One could experience the most perfect date, where he too would agree that it was a great time, but then, to our surprise and ironically expectations, there is no follow up.

Following up and being considerate is proper, normal behavior. Complete disregard to people’s feelings (and schedules… *ahem* Mr.Last.Minute.Cancelation) is not.

With a 4 to 1 female to male ratio of heterosexual singles, the behavior of NYC men seems to illustrate an optimum bachelor lifestyle. “So what if she doesn’t like it? There’s always another beyond the bend.”

This sort of dating lifestyle experience has created a wall of defensiveness. Women have become damaged goods.

And yet, one can hope, that somehow, a successful relationship one day will spawn despite this obstacle.

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