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I love my dad.

I contemplated what I ought to name this post, as it’s quite self evident that many of my friends have heard or seen the infamous Best Buy commercial by now, where I proudly proclaim that I bought my father a smart TV. Then my father stole the show with his mustache and Greek speaking suave. Ah, five seconds of fame. 

I’m just going to be quite blunt right now. I flipping love my dad. 

I mean, just look at him! 

You’re probably wondering how the hell this even happened. Maybe you’re not, but you ought to, because you’re reading me on a Tumblr blog, just another pebble stone of social media mountain. Things happen when you connect, collaborate, and share. 

Essentially, I purchased my father a tablet, so he can read the Greek news and his favorite blogs without having to mess around with a pesky keyboard and mouse. While he sort of knew how to operate a computer, I could tell it was overwhelming. In the Spring of 2012, as an early Father’s Day gift, I got my father his very own iPad, with an AEK F.C. case of course. My dad calls his iPad the “AekPad”. 

I programmed all of his blogs, I switched the language settings to Greek, and I gave him a one hour tutorial on how to not purchase expensive apps by accident. He loved it. 

Here is my dad with his new iPad, using the Star Walker app, showing me his favorite star, my mom.


I believe it was a month later, where I tweeted/instagrammed/facebook’ed that my dad was using his smart device to access a local newspaper in Greece, from his χοριό. All of a sudden, Best Buy calls! They’d like an interview. Next thing you know, Dad and I are being flown out to LA to record commercial(s) for Best Buy. What an experience! This all began with a tweet!

One of my first jobs was working with the gaffers at NBC Olympics, Inc. back in 2004 Athens. I had experienced the heat of the cameras and the scurrying around of makeup artists. My dad though… this was truly all a very new experience. I think this is the first time, in my life, that I had seen my dad truly impressed. He kept exclaiming, “80 people behind the camera, just for our tiny spot! WOW!” I’m not going to lie. I was impressed too. It was an entire production! There must have been 130 people there when you include people hiding in trailers! Holy smokes! Needless to say, my father and I will never look at another commercial again the same way. 

Other things that my father observed and/or was impressed by:

  • Burbank, California looks like Kifissia- Athens. 
  • The work ethic of the film professionals behind the scenes. 
  • Hollywood. The concept. The idea. The reality. 
  • The topography and weather of Los Angeles is a lot like Athens.
This is my dad in a helicopter, one of the many activities we did during our downtime.


What’s amazing about this entire experience was that I got to spend time with my dad. You can’t tell by this spot(s), but we have spent HOURS on the couch, talking. We’ve also spent HOURS on that couch trying not to laugh, trying to be serious, trying to be peppy, trying not to get frustrated with Best Buy tongue twisters, trying to sell it. Totally worth it. I learned so much about my dad on that couch. He’s got a great sense of humility and gratitude, and I can only hope I exhibit those qualities at the level that my father does. 

Example: The director yells, “That’s a wrap.” My father immedietely gets up from the couch, goes up to the director, shakes his hand and says in the most humbled and sincerest voice, “Thank you so much for giving me this experience.”  I melted, and of course I learned from example, too. 

…and I think Best Buy knew you’d love my dad too. (He rocked, right?!) I also think Best Buy underestimated how Greeks would react to seeing Greek spoken on a national commercial, by a real Greek father:



So, yeah. Greek-Dad-Mustaches FTW! 

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