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  • 6th November
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Who’s got some hedge fund sperm?

When someone walks into my office and seriously instructs me,

"I only want to meet men that work at a hedge fund."

I  nod with a soft smile and think to myself, “….aaandddd that’s why you’re single.”

Guess what, ladies? Your ovaries do not care what job your man has. 

And they certainly cannot differentiate if he works at a hedge fund, a bank, or an investment firm. 

Pshhhh. Stop it. 

  • 28th October
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Today’s Date Tip: Quit Being Weird

Someone said to me the other day, “But this is me… They need to accept it.” 

No. No, they really don’t. If you have something so weird and horrendous about you, YOU need to change. Would you date you if given the opportunity? Probably not, if you’re prefacing your demeanor with “…this is me.”

Your “Me” kinda sucks. Your “Me” is probably why you’re still single. Actually, no. It’s exactly why you’re single. I’m not saying other people won’t date weird people, but when you know it’s weird, you need to cut it out.

How to do this?

First, reevaluate your standards. Someone “normal” is not going to put up with your “weirdness”. If you’re not willing to change, you’re just going to have to accept other “weirdos” who’ll bask in the glory that is you and weird. 

And I’m not saying change completely. You should, but it’s obvious weird can be quite hardwired into brains. That said, hide your weirdness. In fact, ask yourself several times of day if the way you’re thinking is weird. Seriously. Do it.

"Is what I’m doing weird?"

If it is, stop it. Stop being weird.

Secondly, be fair to yourself. You deserve love and the only one getting in the way of that is you. Holy snaps! Why would you do that to yourself? You probably have some amazing love to offer to someone else and you’re being so weird that you’re ACTUALLY setting yourself up for failure. You’re your worst enemy. That’s weird. 

If your weirdness is limiting yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually from meeting someone absolutely amazing, I cannot help you. You can only help you. Quit being weird and if you can’t, start dating weird. Enough.

  • 6th June
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